Disease link between hsa-let-7a and malignant melanoma.
miRNA ID (from miR2Disease)hsa-let-7a
MethodNorthern blot, qRT-PCR etc
DescriptionTransfection of melanoma cells with let-7a pre-miR(TM) molecules resulted in the downregulation of integrin beta(3) mRNA and protein expression. In addition, we cloned the 3'-UTR of the integrin beta(3) mRNA containing the let-7a target sequence into a reporter plasmid and revealed that let-7a negatively regulates reporter gene expression. The repressed expression of integrin beta(3) accompanies with reduced invasive potential of melanoma cells transfected with synthetic let-7a molecules observed in Boyden chamber assays. On the other hand, the induction of integrin beta(3) expression was achieved in melanocytes by transfection with let-7a anti-miRs, resulting in invasive behavior of transfected melanocytes. In summary, we determined miRNA let-7a to be an important regulator of integrin beta(3) expression and showed that the loss of let-7a expression is involved in development and progression of malignant melanoma.
Reference (Pubmed ID)18679415
Genesintegrin beta(3)
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