Disease link between hsa-let-7a and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).
miRNA ID (from miR2Disease)hsa-let-7a
MethodNorthern blot, qRT-PCR etc
DescriptionWe have identified the first miRNA binding-site SNPthat alone can predict a significant increase in NSCLC risk in people with a moderate smoking history.The mechanism may be due to altered regulation of the KRAS oncogene and possibly cellular let-7 levels as well. we found that the levels of let-7a, b, d, and g were lower in patients with the variant allele compared with patients without the variant alleleThese findings give insight into a new paradigm and support the pursuit of 3'UTR sequencing for similar SNPs in all tumor-related genes to better understand their role in genetic cancer risk.
Reference (Pubmed ID)18922928
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