Disease link between hsa-let-7a and epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC).
miRNA ID (from miR2Disease)hsa-let-7a-3
MethodNorthern blot, qRT-PCR etc
Descriptionlet-7a-3 methylation was detected in epithelial ovarian cancer, and the expression of let-7a was slightly affected by the methylation, but the effect was not substantial. The methylation of let-7a-3, however, was inversely correlated with IGF-II expression and positively with insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 (IGFBP-3) expression. Patients with methylated let-7a-3 seemed to have reduced risk for death compared with those without, and the association was independent of patient age at surgery, tumor grade, disease stage, and IGF-II or IGFBP-3 expression. No association was found for let-7a-3 methylation and disease progression. These results suggest that the let-7a-3 gene is methylated and the methylation may affect IGF-II expression and the survival of ovarian cancer patients.
Reference (Pubmed ID)17974952
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